Anyone who looks at the past understands the value of technological innovation in building progress. We ate a lot of rice and beans to get here. And I, of course, don't think differently. So, for the sake of clarity: I want to write to organize

Voice comes before faith

I was about to take the flight to São Paulo. While my father was looking for the wheelchair and my mother was looking for the luggage cart, I had to stay alone in the car with the doors closed. Alone by

The voice

When trying to give “voice” to my task of writing about VOICE, I immediately tried to go into the field and research what defines this powerful three-letter word. Origin ⊙ ETIM lat. vox,vōcis 'sound of voice, voice' A

In the beginning was the verb. And with the verb, the voice.

Still in the mother's womb, what echoes in the womb is her voice. Father's voice. From the shapeless sound of their voices, babies are born knowing what surrounds them. Affection or conflict. The voice was

How to record voice messages using professional voiceover techniques

When we talk on a cell phone, we normally hold the device against our face as if it were a conventional telephone. But when recording a voice message, on WhatsApp for example, we end up holding the device in another position, further away from the

voice marathon

I really believe in a phrase said by Steve Jobs: “Genius lies in associations.” In this text, I intend to make an association between the voice and running. Theory and practice. Science and sport. Sound and muscle. Acoustic energy and physical energy. O

The new era of voice

The voice has always had a prominent place in my life. For me, it is the closest and most personal means of communication. I fondly remember listening to children's story LPs as a child, late night radio shows

Who has mouth goes to Rome. Whoever has a voice goes anywhere.

And didn't I suddenly have no voice? Serious. When we stop to think, talking about the voice is something so complex that we don't even know where to start. It's just that few things are so important

Memorable Voices

It is an honor and a pleasure to write in this space about this rich and vast subject: the voice. So rich and broad that I will only base myself here on my impressions and ideas that I gathered purely from personal experience.

The balance between technique and content

“I also want a dozen from Carioquinha”, I said distractedly to Mário. Clarifying: Friday market behind the Consolação cemetery; Mário, owner of the best fruit stand at the fair; carioquinha – one of the passions of my life – is

the voice of the heart

You and I, we mammals, have the limbic system: a part of our brain responsible for emotions and social behaviors. It is the “dumb” and uncontrollable part of this organ that lives in our skull. We also have a brain region that developed