frequently asked questions

There is no standard value or table for voiceovers. This is because the voice, as well as the fingerprints, are unique expressions, linked to the identity and personality of each one. Therefore, each voice artist, according to his experience, their talent and their experience, establishes their value.

However, regarding the information that must be included in the estimate request for a project, three items are essentials:

Work lenght – in seconds or minutes
Placement – where it will be used: media and squares
Usage time – how long the voice usage rights will be valid

On the page of the chosen talent, click on “Request Budget”, fill in your data and project information. This helps a lot in understanding the proposal. Your order goes straight to him or her. The more accurate the information about the voiceover, such as duration, cuts and versions, placement (territory, media and time of use), the better it will be for our associate to prepare a quote for you.

We understand this question very well, it is really difficult to choose, even more so here at Clube da Voz. 
But we have some tips:

1- Have you tried to refine your search through our filters? Are you thinking male of female voice? Any specific voiceover style: classic, retail, caricature, institutional? Mature voice, young? Through the filters you can find similarities between the portfolio of each one and your project.

2- Set aside time to listen to the repertoires. As much as we try to translate it into words and create parameters for this choice, it is by listening that we really decide.

3- You don't have to choose just one voice. Take two or three options to be decided by everyone involved in the project.

4- Get in touch with the chosen ones and ask for a specific repertoire or even a test-voice for your project – each professional has a way of working and some may charge a symbolic value for this test.

It's very simple. On the pages of each talent, you will find the preferred contact channels for each one (email, WhatsApp, telephone, website).
Choose the channel and chat directly with him or her.

Clube da Voz does not mediate between professionals and clients, but we can help if any problems arise.

No, Clube da Voz does not act as a professional agency or mediate job proposals!

You get in direct contact with the chosen talent by sending your message through the channels available on your page (email, phone, WhatsApp, website).

Request your quote by clicking on the “Request Quote” button. An email will be sent directly to him or her.

I'm glad you asked this question, because it's a decisive moment for the final delivery to be accurate. This is the famous BRIEFING. Make it right!
Here are some tips on the information you can offer to guide the talent at the time of recording:

Who is the customer
Where will the work be the broadcast?
Who is the target audience?
What message does the project want to convey?
What tone and type of interpretation do you want: journalistic, ironic, emotional, motivational, etc.

Submit the script, if you already have it. It is important for the professional to know the context in which a sentence fits, the images that accompany the text at each moment, what comes before and what comes after, in order to define the intention and tone of the voiceover.

If you already have a soundtrack or sound reference, great too! The music sets the pace for the speech. In addition, it awakens sensitivity and guides the voice talent in the work of imprinting the corresponding emotion in speech.

And it is very important to say which were the voceover talent works that led you to consider him suitable for the project.

Choose a few words from our “Voiceover Style” filter. They can help you describe what you have in mind.

The human voice finds protection in very personal rights, which are intrinsic rights to the person as an individual, and cannot be transmitted as if they were movable or immovable property.

Like the image, the voice use is subject to prior owner authorization. In addition to the legal understanding, it is an important business decision.

The voice gives personality to a brand or a campaign. And brands are always looking to differentiate themselves. Therefore, the talent, when giving his voice to a brand, is consulted by the competing brands in that period, even if there is no exclusivity contract. Therefore, it is essential to establish a deadline for voice usage.

However, the usage for archival or repertory purposes, without commercial purposes, may be accepted indefinitely. Even so, at any time and for any reason, the professional may request the prohibition of the use of his voice, as it is a very personal right.

Professionals are always willing to meet expectations, but everyone has their own way of working. What we strongly advise is to clarify with each talent some points before starting the work: does the budget already include a re-recording due to text alteration? What is the value of a rewrite? If it is necessary to re-record due to interpretation adjustments, will this be charged or not? Certainly with everything lined up, the process will be light and efficient.

To reduce the chance of re-recordings, the ideal is to send the text already approved by the client and check the pronunciations of names of people, brands, companies and words in other languages.

However, since the human voice and speech are something intangible, subject to different conceptions and interpretations, it is natural that there are adjustments to meet the needs of the client and the objectives of the campaign.

Thank you for your interest in our membership!
On the website menu, click on “Join”. There we explain the entire selection and admission process that takes place once a year.

To be part of Clube da Voz, you need to have a consolidated career in commercial voice-over, have works of national reach in your portfolio for relevant brands and clients and be a professional committed to our activity.

Applications will be reviewed by the Clube's board and president, who make the final decision on admissions.