outstanding voices, unforgettable people

Big names in brazilian voiceover that were part of our history.

Clara Rocha

Clara was passionate about the human voice. A full voice artist, she was a speech therapist, Communications consultant, actress, announcer, voice actor and singer. As voice talent

Luiz Araujo

Actor graduating from the School of Dramatic Art at USP, announcer, presenter, master of ceremonies, singer and acting coach. Performed in more than 20 shows

Odayr Baptista

Founding member of Clube da Voz, he was a professional working in commercial voiceover until his death. Minas Gerais from Poços de Caldas, he began his career in his

Gilberto da Silva (Debre)

As a boy, his friends said he had a 'voice like thunder', but he never imagined it could become a profession. So much so that until the age of 26

Geraldo Barreto

Geraldo Barreto began his career in Araraquara, his hometown, acting in theater plays. His voice caught the attention of local radio stations and soon the

Ronaldo Baptista

Founding member of Clube da Voz, São Paulo native Ronaldo Baptista began his career at Rádio América as a teenager around 1949 and continued working in

Gilberto Rocha

Founding member of Clube da Voz. He was the standard voice of Rádio USP and Rádio Cultura de São Paulo and built a brilliant career in advertising, recording

Neville George

He began his career in São Paulo, his hometown. In dubbing, he started at Aic, most of the time doing the voices of villains in series such as

Chico Palmeiro

Chico Palmeiro was one of the great voices of Brazilian advertising. Gaucho, bohemian, passionate about football and Brazilian music, loved a bar with a piano