Neville George

Começou a carreira em São Paulo, sua cidade natal. Na dublagem, começou na Aic, fazendo na maioria das vezes, vozes de vilões em séries como “Viagem ao Fundo do Mar” e “Missão Impossível. Nos estúdios Arte Industrial Cinematográfica – AIC São Paulo – deu voz ao personagem que o marcaria para sempre: Dr. Leonard McCoy na primeira dublagem de “Jornada nas
Stars”. It was the 3rd voice of Barney Rubble in the “Flintstones” cartoon.

At the end of the 60s, he went to Rio de Janeiro to work as a voice actor and narrator at Cinesom, Dublasom Guanabara and Herbert Richers. In the early 1970s, Neville moved away from dubbing and went to work as an announcer on a daily newspaper on TV Tupi in São Paulo.

He also acted as an actor, director, presenter, screenwriter and had an advertising agency for many years. He brought the most colloquial style of voiceover to the advertising market.
It used a lower, softer tone than what was heard at the time. It was a reference for this change, which became a trend in advertising. He left us in 2002.