join our association

rules and criteria for joining the voice club

The opening of the admission process takes place every year, in SEPTEMBER, according to the following schedule:


Submission of membership applications.


Analysis, interviews and responses to candidates.


Ratified: admission fee payment, website placing, marketing and welcome meeting.

membership application material

  1. Curriculum.
  2. Introduction letter from the Clube da Voz member.
  3. 24 voice-overs recorded in the last two years, for any media, that demonstrate the diversity and relevance of the brands, clients, agencies and producers served (open or closed TV commercials, radio spots, internet videos or commercials, institutional videos, IVR, radio and TV promos, systems, audiobooks, apps, virtual assistants, AI).
  4. Technical sheet of all voice-overs containing the name of the client, the agency, the video production company, the audio production company and the approximate date of the productions. It is necessary to inform the broadcast of each voiceover (media and region).
  5. The audio or video files must be organized in the candidate's own virtual environment (website, YouTube, Vimeo, Souncloud and others).
  6. Send the requested material to the email secretaria@clubedavoz.com.br
IMPORTANT: Only one link should be attached to the material. Applications will only be reviewed if they meet ALL prerequisites.

what is analyzed

Voiceover Quality. Diversity and relevance of the brands, clients, agencies and producers served. Career time. Professional ethical conduct.

1st stage

Material evaluation.

2nd phase

Interview with board members.

3rd phase

To finalize the process, after confirmation of approval, the member must pay the admission fee and contribute monthly. Values will be informed at the time.