Daniel Farias

Work as: Announcer, Voice actor, Actor / Actress
Language: Portuguese, English, Spanish
Accent: Neutral, Bahian, Pernambucano

Hey how's it going? am announcer for over 15 years and I'm in this profession because of my other trade, acting.

I've done advertising voiceovers for major brands such as Coca-Cola, Mercedes-Benz, Bradesco, Skol, Casas Bahia, Melitta, Gilette, among others. I have also been doing political campaigns and advertisements for governments and city halls throughout Brazil.

I was born in Recife and lived in Salvador and São Paulo, which is why I tend to walk around these regions with my accent, depending on demand, marking or neutralizing my way of speaking.

Since I graduated as voice actor at studio Dubrasil, I love creating original voices for animations and characters, as well as doing game localization. I also really like narrate audiobooks and in recent years I have established partnerships with major publishers in the country.

I like to make a looser, natural, lighter, younger voice or dramatize with more weight. And the next time you need to wait on the phone, you may find me in an IVR, I guarantee that I will do everything to make our conversation as pleasant as possible.

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