Denis Garcia

Work as: Announcer
Language: Portuguese
Accent: Neutral, Paulistano

Graduated as a radio broadcaster in 2000, it was in college that Denis Garcia began to discover the potential of his own voice. In academic works, he was the one who made the vignettes for his groups and even for other courses, such as Journalism and Advertising. Without realizing it, Garcia was giving himself more and more to a joke that filled him with satisfaction.
In the last year of college, the broadcaster was invited by a friend to do the voiceover for the short film “Two things can happen in the life of a man”, which competed and won the One Minute Festival in 2000.
From then on, he began to take voice-over seriously, which could work as a profession. However, it was only in 2008 that he began his career in commercial voice-over.
Denis Garcia has been working for 14 years on campaigns for major brands for television, digital media, radio and corporate videos. For three years he was the standard voice of the Paramount Network movie channel, he was also the official voice for 5 years of Intel in Brazil and from 2011 to the present day he is the voice of Clear Men, from Unilever.
The recognition of the announcer's work is not only linked to the extensive portfolio.
Denis Garcia is also part of the renowned Clube da Voz, an association that brings together the most outstanding and influential voices in Brazilian advertising.
Who knew, the broadcaster, who played with his own voice in academic works and was a fan of Clube da Voz, is now one of its members. And he continues to do his work with the passion of someone who plays and the dedication of someone who is a professional. Listening to his repertoire, you will certainly feel a certain familiarity with his voice.

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