Nicole Cordery

Work as: Speaker, Actor / Actress
Language: Portuguese
Accent: Neutral, Carioca

Hello! Welcome to my space. I'm Nicole, I'm an actress with over 25 years of experience on the stages of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

In addition to being an actress, I work as a commercial announcer since 2000. I graduated in 1996 at LIME, Rio de Janeiro, then I worked for 10 years at TAPA Group, in Sao Paulo. lived 5 years in Paris where I attended Ecole International Jacques Lecoq and did my master's on August Strindberg at Sorbonne Nouvelle. I acted in many shows, I was nominated for awards:

  • Aplauso Brasil Award 2015 in the category Best actress for the play Ato a Quatro;
  • APCA Award 2015, category Best actress for the play Dissect a Blizzard;
  • Brazil Applause Award 2019 for the play We Have Never Been So Happy (Best Supporting Actress);
  • Brazil Applause Award 2019 by the play Chernobyl (Best Cast).

my play online Medea Land, where I lived the title role, was also nominated for:

  • APCA Award 2021 how Best Show Digital.

At the audio-visual I acted in the series Peter and Bianca, Operation Condor, The Life of Rafinha Bastos, Dead nature, Second call, Back to 15, Tune (third season) autopost (second season) and Sun (third season). In long I acted in Bionics, Pregnant at the Cinematheque, No accident, La meute.

As commercial announcer signed hundreds of campaigns, among which stood out Leader Magazine, Lycra, Johnson & Johnson, cebion, The boticario, Clear, Consul, unimed, Skol, See Rio, hope, Natura Ekos, Motorola, Energisa, Federal government, OLX, barilla, citroen, Phillips, Notre Dame Intermedica, People's house, Galeao Airport, between others.

I'm fluent in English It is French, I use my “carioquês” when necessary, (if you are looking for a carioca announcer, that person is me!) but I work daily with neutral accent, even for living in São Paulo for over 20 years.

I have a professional studio at home. My work tools are:

  • Bell Studio Model Otobel Cabin- 110P / 2020;
  • Mic Shure SM7B;
  • Interface Duet by Apogee;
  • Sennheiser headphones;
  • i mac

In URA humanized I was the voice of:

  • TIM
  • credit cash
  • Locate Meo

In URA phone calls I am the voice of:

  • Bunge Brazil
  • Amend Cosmetics

I also do:

  • Vignettes for Podcasts
  • Audiobooks
  • Institutional Videos
  • Commercials for TV, radio, internet and Social Media
  • Environment voice-over
  • Voice over for theater shows

for being a actress with kilometers of driving, I create original voices, I can interpret cartoon characters or not, and borrow a lot emotion to your new audio work. If you want to chat with me, hit me up! As a good person from Niteroi I love to talk….

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