Angelo Vizarro Junior

Work as: Announcer
Language: Portuguese
Accent: Neutral

Voice professional exclusive to Gessy Lever for many years in the OMO, OMO Líquido, OMO Dupla Ação and Doriana campaigns.
He began his professional career in 1972 at Rádio Difusora in Campo Grande-MS.
Afterwards, he transferred to Rádio Educação Rural, where he presented a program that was audience leader on Sundays, called Mundo Jovem for three years.
In 1975, he also began presenting a newscast on TV Morena and stayed there until August 1977, when he decided to come to SP, where he met Álvares Bittencourt (TV Globo's booth announcer). It was he who introduced him to Antonio Celso, at the time, artistic director and program presenter at Rádio Excelsior. He auditioned and started working the next day as a news announcer.
A month later, at the invitation of his friend Luiz Fernando Maglioca, an Excelsior programmer, he went to Rádio Difusora and there, he fulfilled his great dream of working alongside professionals such as: Henrique Régis, Dárcio Arruda, Jorge Helal, KK, Antonio Viviani, Moisés da Rocha, Preguinho and others.
In 1979, Dárcio Arruda left television journalism for TV Cultura. Then came a vacancy and an opportunity to do TV in SP. He took the test and started presenting RTC Notícia. He worked for 10 years at TV Cultura.
He also worked on radio stations: Joven Pan, Transamérica, Excelsior FM (later Globo FM) and finally, Rádio Record FM.
He narrates documentaries for the History Channel, A&E and Discovery Channel.
Highly sought after professional for presenting events throughout Brazil.

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