Fabio Matsuoka

Work as: Announcer, Voice actor, Actor / Actress
Language: Portuguese
Accent: Neutral, Paulistano

am announcer, actor It is voice actor, best known for being the default voice of the History 2 channel for nearly 9 years and serving major brands in advertising for over 10 years.

I have one young adult voice, a perfect timbre for passing messages with naturalness, modernity and still credibility.

I've been doing a lot with voice and I'm mainly requested for: TV commercials, internet, radio, narrations for institutional, manifests, internal videos, training, events, TV series and documentaries, museums, exhibitions, audiobooks, IVR, retail, dubbing, game localization and audio description.

Works as an announcer that deserve mention:

  • Current default voice of the History 2 pay-TV channel since its founding in 2014.
  • Voice of hundreds of advertising and institutional campaigns and manifestos for Itaú, Rappi, Adidas, Honda, Volkswagen, FGV, Tramontina, Febraban, Ministry of Sports, Ministry of Education, Mercedes-Benz, among many others.
  • Current humanized IVR for XP Investimentos, CRA-SC and a major Brazilian retail brand.
  • Narrator of several closed TV and streaming programs: O Urso Polar Espião, Segredos do Museu, Laboratório das Nuvens, Jamaica Bared, Hollywood Buzz, Films and Stars, Wall of Sound, among others.
  • Live audio description narration for the performances of Ópera do Barbeiro de Sevilla at Theatro Municipal de São Paulo.
  • Audio description narration of the accessible part for the new Ipiranga Museum.
  • Narrator of the main exhibitions with audio description at Japan House São Paulo.


My origin as an actor brought me two main characteristics in my work: the naturalness in the locution and the versatility. I move between the young and the adult, from the humorous to the emotional, from the energetic and vibrant to the subtle and delicate, from the caricature to the more sober. 

I also have a degree in Publicity and Propaganda from ESPM, which gave me a lot of tact and experience with agencies, production companies and clients, in addition to knowledge and a better understanding of audiovisual processes. 

I own a professional studio designed and built by one of the best professionals in the field. I use the best equipment and software and we can record the way we prefer. I serve customers from all over the world.

Professionalism It is punctuality these are obviously basic requirements. It's a matter of education.  Nice to meet you and let's work!

Other works with voice that deserve mention:

Game dubbing and localization

  • Main antagonist of the Tokyo Ghoul series, as Nimura Futura
  • Hytham in Assassin's Creed Valhalla
  • Konstantinos in Assassin's Creed Valhalla Wrath of the Druids
  • Power Loader in the My Hero Academia series
  • Compass Rusk in Knights of the Zodiac Lost Canvas

Audiobook (audiobook)

  • Evening Pleasures – Sylvia Day
  • Pedrinho Hunts – Monteiro Lobato
  • Genealogy of morals – Nietzsche
  • Making My Movie 3 – Paula Pimenta
  • The Coal Swordsman 1st Edition – Affonso Solano
  • Leadership is a Contract – Vince Molinaro
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