Reinaldo Rodrigues

Work as: Announcer, Voice Actor, Presenter / Master of Ceremonies, Broadcaster / Podcaster, Actor / Actress
Language: Portuguese English
Accent: Neutro, Carioca, Do Interior, Mineiro, Paulistano

I'm Reinaldo Rodrigues,actor,announcer, presenter.

I started doing small parts as an actor in commercials at the age of 9.

I was also an audiovisual producer, I know every step of a video, film and series production, I understand the whole chain from the client, the producer, agency.

I started my theater studies through Grupo Tapa de Teatro and in cinema with Fatima Toledo.

In a short time, I was already dubbing, acting and working as a professional announcer recording for Brazil and other countries, being the voice of some of the biggest retail brands in the country.

For tv, I was the “default voice” for some tv channels like:

Disney Channel, Discovery TLC, HBO Brasil (Film Festivals), Turner Broadcasting System (Canal Glitz)

Narrator of some programs for TV channels such as: Discovery Animal Planet, Discovery Channel.

In cinema, I was the voice of Cinemark for 4 years – opening video for movie theaters and retail videos for TV, radio and social networks.

On television I was the official voice of retail for many years to:


Casas Bahia(voice branding)

Leroy Merlin

voice to audio description for Netflix movies such as:

Up – High Adventures.

Outstanding works as an actor, presenter and advertising announcer:

I hosted the live opening of the show “Meus Premios Nick 2017”, on Vibra São Paulo.

I introduced the podcast from the AFYA of medicine and health for students in 30 episodes of 10'.

Feature Film: “O Filme dos Espiritos”, with Nelson Xavier and Sandra Coverloni.
“Game of Beheadings”-dir. Sérgio Bianchi.


Voice of "Itachi" from the anime Naruto.

original voice:

13 characters in the series “Angeli The Killer”, 11 episodes, for Canal Brasil TV Globo.


* Tutorial videos for Ifood.

*”Kidly” – I narrate some children's stories.

* “Duolingo”- application with stories in English.


*The Five Skills of Exceptional People, by Joe Navarro and Toni Sciarra Poynter, Sextante Editor.

*The Psychology of Money, Sextante publishing house.

*The Silent Patient, by Alex Michaelides, publisher Sextante.

* The Art of Making It Happen, by David Allen and Brandon Hall, Sextante Publishers.


I'm the official voice artist for Smartick, a math course for kids.

Institutional video and social networks:

I am an announcer for the videos of the company Ubiquiti Unifi in Brazil. I record daily for countless companies. To name a few examples, I have already recorded for Burguer King, Janssen, Unilever, Bradesco, Honda, BMW, Pepsico, Kinder.

Extended Reality (Virtual):

Internal videos for training Petrobras employees.

movie trailer:

Special Paw Patrol (Nickelodeon)


Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

Humanized Ura:

Engemon, Citroen, Eleven Chimps.

I can easily create different types of original voices for characters, such as countless TV movies with the signature: “RedBull gives you Wings”.

For advertising I have already worked as an announcer for Google, NBA, YoutubeMusic, Apple, Samsung, Marvel, Star Wars, numerous films for Coca-Cola for tv and social networks, Hasbro (toy campaigns with films for the whole year on tv), Playstation (retail movies on tv) ViacomCBS,BMW,Tik Tok,Banco Do Brasil,Hellmans, Nestle, Shell among many other companies.

A young voice with a lot of personality, I have conquered a prominent place among the professional voices of today, being much requested in the voice market for:

*Commercial for radio and tv



* Documentary narration

*Institutional video

*virtual assistant

* App

* Humanized ura




* Movie trailers

*Extended Reality (Virtual)

All companies need a voice for brands, be it for social networks, new technologies and I'm here to offer my experience and help you. You can count on me!

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