Denise Mello

Work as: Announcer
Language: Portuguese
Accent: Neutral

Hello. I'm Denise. am announcer and singer. I also act as singing and voiceover teacher. 

I have a degree in vocal pedagogy from Somatic Voicework™ (2017 to 2018) and in Psychology (USP class from 1985 to 1989), which gives me a good “feeling” to understand the client’s “briefing”!

I started my career at a young age as a jingle singer, recording in the main studios in São Paulo such as MCR, Lua Nova, Play it again, Friends. 

Soon after, the naturalness of my voice began to attract the attention of producers for voice-overs, including for spots as an actress with a spontaneous voice. 

Today I have 25 years of experience as an advertising announcer, representing brands, groups, banks, hospitals. I work in other segments such as Institutional Videos, On Hold, Humanized IVR, Audiobook, Podcast, TV Channels and Retail for TV.

Announcer TV Channels

My first TV channel as “standard voice” was FOX's Sci Fi Channel for 3 years. Later, I was the female voice of HBO's Cinemax channel, in addition to doing all the channel's merchandising,  for approximately 20 years. I did sporadic work for Discovery Home and Health and Rede Globo.

Retail Announcer:

I did the voiceover for offer advertisements for the Walmart supermarket chain in about 12 squares in different states of Brazil, during 3 years and sporadic campaigns for Telha Norte.

I await your contact to serve you in the best way. I can record in the studio of your choice or in my home studio with online monitoring. 

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