Jac Cordeiro

Work as: Locutor(a), Apresentador(a) / Mestre de Cerimônias, Radialista / Podcaster, Ator / Atriz
Language: Portuguese English
Accent: Neutral, From the Interior, Paulistano

Sou locutora, apresentadora, mestre de cerimônias em eventos corporativos e atriz, graduada em interpretação pela Escola de Comunicação e Artes da USP, com experiência em TV, Teatro e Cinema. Trabalho no mercado audiovisual há mais de 30 anos.

As commercial announcer,  I'm a specialist in interpretation and I act with my voice for different media and applications (systems It is URAs ) and in different styles:

  1. institutional, corporate videos, manifestos
  2. natural phrase/colloquial, classic, promotional
  3. character voices, original voice, cartoon voice
  4. narrations
  5. advertising dubbing (nationalization of content)
Quality, friendly and individualized service!
  • I record in an acoustic booth with professional equipment.
  • I deliver your voice-over for editing within a maximum of 24 hours after receiving the approved text.
  • I respond to urgent requests under consultation.
  • You can reach me directly by email or through WhatsApp.
Activity as presenter and master of ceremonies:
  1. Face-to-face events: congresses, seminars, awards, dynamics with sales teams, training and mediation of debates.
  2. Online, hybrid events
  3. Lives – I can develop an agenda and script with the client.
Characteristics as MC/Host: 
  • versatility, ability to improvise
  • friendliness, charisma, elegance
  • mindfulness, 360° knowledge of the event niche
  • great ability to interpret texts and embody the brand's values and objectives.
Entre em contato! Conversando a gente se entende! 🙂
♥” I love what I do and every job I do takes a drop of that love.”♥
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