Raquel Rizzo

Work as: Announcer, Voice Actor, Presenter / Master of Ceremonies, Broadcaster / Podcaster, Actor / Actress
Language: Portuguese, Italian
Accent: Neutral

Raquel Rizzo, voice professional with more than four decades of presence in the national market. acts as announcer, voice actress, master of ceremonies and actress.

Jobs as an announcer worth mentioning:

  • He recorded campaigns for Banco Itaú, Vichy, O Boticário, Mary Kay, Lóreal, Volvo, Bradesco, Supergasbras, Vale, Naturágua, Instituto Algar, Enauta, Ortopé, Bamerindus, SOS Mata Atlântica, Carrefour, Agrojem, Tea Shop, Cargill, Bradesco, Redken, among many others.
  • Voz Ura from Volvo Dealerships.
  • Ura da Escallo Voice
  • She is one of the voices of Morena FM, from Campo Grande and Centro América FM, from Cuiabá.
  • Presented for 06 years the program “Rádio Saúde”, of the Government of the State of Paraná.

Has experience in the following styles of voiceover professional:


-Institutional Videos


- Telephone waits

-Virtual Assistant

-Spots for radio

-Vts for television/internet


-Content for social networks


-Audi books

- Presentation of online and face-to-face events

-Location of characters


As voice actress it was the voice of Carmen Machi, Carole Bouchet, Alex Kingston, Joely Richardson, Mercedes Sampietro, Dolly Wells, among others.

As actress he has been working in theater, cinema and television for 40 years, accumulating more than 200 productions. I was part of Gerald Thomas' Cia Ópera Seca de Teatro for three years. I am currently part of the CIA ILÍADA HOMERO, by Octávio Camargo. She acted in more than 25 plays, directed by Ademar Guerra, Felipe Hirst, Mário Shoenberger, Gerald Thomas, Nena Inouê, Diego Fortes, Paulo Biscaia, Wladimir Ponchirolli, Cécil Thiré, Raul Cruz, Cristina Pereira. Gralha Azul Trophy for Best Supporting Actress in the show Palácio dos Urubus.

At TV presented for 02 years the program “Sem Censura” of Tv Educativa do Paraná. He acted in numerous commercials and other television productions and participated in the series: O Mundo Colorido de Dalton, Rarefeito, Casaltopia, Plot for Muder.

In the cinema he was alongside Anthony Quinn, in the feature “Oriundi”. He participated in the films: Where Poets Die First, Victims of Victory, The Price of Peace, About the Sex of Angels, Bibelô, Negotiating with Happiness, Pamina. I'm in the feature film “Nada é Por Acaso”, which premiered nationally in 2023 and is available on streaming. In 2022 he acted in the feature “Perro Negro” and in 2023 in Julia da Costa and Uma Família Feliz, with Reinaldo Gianechini and Grazi Massafera, both in the process of being finalized.

In 2021, she shared the Best Actress award with Marcélia Cartaxo, in the short film “Ela que Mora no Andar de Cima” and the Best Actress Award at the 9 Festcine Pinhais/21 Film Festival, with Sunflower.

As  Masters of Ceremonies worked with Grupo Boticário, in Curitiba and São Paulo, with the Government of the State of Paraná, State Department of Health of Paraná, Médico de Olhos, Hospital de Olhos, among others.

He does voice-overs in Portuguese and Italian. own  voiceover studio at home.

“If you need me, know that I am quick in delivery and committed to the work I do. Thanks. “

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