Fabio Cirello

Work as: Announcer, Presenter / Master of Ceremonies, Actor / Actress
Language: Português, Inglês, Espanhol, Italiano
Accent: Neutral, From the Interior, Paulistano

Commercial Announcer

Since he was a child, Fábio Cirello has been passionate about radio, TV and music.
And she ended up taking him to the microphone of Band FM rock radio, where he started his career, but soon specialized as commercial announcer e de publicidade.

Pioneer of Clube da Voz, for many years his locução conversada suave  is one of the most requested in the market to bring people closer to brands such as Itaú, Coca-Cola, Cofap, Rider, BMW, Lindemberg, Rede D'Or, Paco Rabanne, Whiskas – some of which are in its portfolio.

New media: have you ever thought about how many applications the commercial announcer? Experienced in the various mediums below, Cirello has literally given voice and life to many scripts in:

  • advertisement for TV, cinema, radio and web
  • trilingual narration for corporate and product videos
  • voiceover for VR virtual reality
  • content for social media
  • videos of presentations and prospecting
  • event videos
  • radio and TV calls and vignettes                                                                                                   Internal Videos and other projects:
  • training and instruction manuals
  • Trilingual IVR and phone hold
  • audiobooks, podcasts and apps
  • political campaigns

Also in the portfolio are many historic commercials with your locução conversada suave :  

  • Whiskas Blah blah blah, Kinder egg 3 wishes, rider Holidays for your Feet, buy lipstick
  • And on TV, it's the foodnetwork voice (Warner / Discovery network channel) on halftime promo calls
  • Master of ceremonies MC – in Portuguese, English, Español and Italiano – experienced in workshops, seminars, company awards, corporate events and political campaigns. has excellent own studio and, from the budget to hiring, everything is resolved with agility and quick delivery. But what really matters is the charm of the human voice – natural and unique – defining the style and bringing credibility. Count on all of this in your next demand for voiceover. Ask for a quote here through Clube da Voz! Returns are quick. It cost!
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