Helena Fruet

Work as: Announcer, Voice Actor, Presenter / Master of Ceremonies, Broadcaster / Podcaster, Actor / Actress
Language: Portuguese, English, Spanish
Accent: Neutral, Gaucho, Paulistano

I am an announcer, actress and journalist. I went to technical theater school in my teens and graduated in Journalism at USP. I lived in Australia, during an exchange program, and in Mexico, to study Spanish. In the early years of my career as a journalist, I worked as a reporter and editor for various media outlets. In 2006, I was selected for a scholarship for young journalists in Spain and there, working at EFE Agency, in Madrid, I had my first contact with voiceover, recording news offs in Spanish, and I completely fell in love with the area. Back in Brazil, I worked as a reporter and TV presenter for Portal Terra and then on the Record News channel.

The shift from journalist to voice professional

In 2010, after taking several training courses in interpretation and voiceover, I decided to leave newsrooms to dedicate myself more to working with the voice. I took my DRT as an actress, took courses in master of ceremonies, dubbing, original voice, commercial voiceover, natural voiceover, audio description, interpretation for announcers and several in the performing arts.

I then became a commercial announcer, for institutional videos and documentaries; master of ceremonies and presenter of events, voice of IVR and artificial intelligence, presenter of e-learning and training, dubbing of series and movies, voice of game characters and audio describer.

Highlights of my works as an announcer

  • Voz padrão do Biography Channel – A&E Networks (voz das chamadas do canal);
  • Voice of the audio description of Disney films in Brazil;
  • Artificial Intelligence Voice;
  • Narração do programa Ame-a ou Deixe-a (Discovery H&H);
  • Presentation of the podcast Histórias em Inglês with Duolingo – for which I was a finalist as the best international podcast presenter at the Voices Arts Awards 2022, the main award in the area in the world;
  • Recording of training and e-learning in Portuguese, Spanish and English;
  • Commercial and institutional voiceover for several brands, such as Huggies, Microsoft, Quero, Amazon, Google, Mastercard, Netflix, Sem Parar and Nestlé, among others.

Different styles of voiceover and interpretation

I have home studio and I can respond fairly quickly to requests for quotes and recording tests. And I'm in São Paulo, in case you want a live recording.

My voice can go from young adult (to “girl nextdoor") The grown woman. From the natural phrase and talked The classic voiceover, in manifest or of "mommy“. I can switch between sweet and friendly virtual assistant to the narrator serious, mysterious and empowered. And I transmit a lot credibility in all the voiceovers I record. If it's one of these features you're looking for for your product's voice, I'm at your disposal!

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